Publisher Scopus

 Publisher Scopus

Scopus is an international scientific bibliographic and abstract database of Elsevier Publishing, with more than 50 million scientific publications. Based on the Scopus database, one of the leading international scientific indices has been created. Scopus indexes materials published in more than 20,000 publications worldwide. This resource provides access to tens of thousands of publications in various scientific fields. The database includes specialized journals that publish articles covering any natural, technical or social or humanitarian issues.

Publications in Scopus are important for participation in many international scientific programs and for granting scholarships abroad, so indexed publications in the Scopus citation database are increasingly important to users who are placed in international scientific journals and related to scientific work. remains. The availability of articles in Scopus is important for a reputation in the scientific community.

  For example, the Ministry of Education recognizes publications in Scopus as one of the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of research institutes and universities. In addition, the Higher Attestation Commission (Oak) counts publications in Scopus indexed journals.

    Scientific articles published in these journals are highly appreciated. Often, many authors include tasks such as editing and formatting text, skilled translation into another language, and corrections for returning an article for review. This is a long and complicated process that not everyone can do. In this case, contact us!

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