Engineering Journal (EJ)

Engineering Journal (EJ)

Journal title: Engineering Journal (EJ)

Engineering Journal (EJ) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, and monthly online-published international journal for the complete coverage of all topics in engineering related areas. EJ consists of two major sections in the engineering field:

  • Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (EJEEN) - A rapidly growing sector in engineering research including virtually all aspects of the environment, energy and natural resources fields: from agricultural systems and engineering, aquaculture and aquatic resource management, food engineering and bioprocess technology, pulp and paper technology, regional and rural development planning and urban environmental management, renewable energy such as solar power, to oil exploration technologies, superconductivity, and nuclear generation.

  • Modern Engineering Technology (EJMET) - This section contains topics in the combined domain of engineering, technology and applied science, and focuses on solving technical problems. This section disseminates results from the applications of engineering and modern technology such as information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and several technologies fueling the imaginations and research budgets of scientists and engineers. Great research emphasis is placed on chemicals, material, agriculture, healthcare, disaster mitigation, transportation, telecommunications, survey, space, chips, computer hardware, computer software, entertainment and telephony.

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